ATA Tigers in Smyrna


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Five karate classes with uniform for only $49. This exclusive web offer is the easiest way for you to try our martial arts classes!

No Contract and No Testing Fee

Unlike most other martial art schools, we do not require a contract. We also do not charge a color belt testing fee.   

Age Requirements

Our ATA Tigers in Smyrna is a program specially designed for kids ages 4 - 6.


Parents want their child to learn how to focus, to develop self-discipline, and to develop self-confidence. However, at 4-6 years of age kids just want to play. Our Tigers curriculum is designed to accomplish both. Our instructors are masters at turning taekwondo training into games that keep kids engaged as they learn. Students are rewarded with stars they collect on their bag tag. When a student collects 25 stars they are given a new bag tag of a different color. As students get close to completing their current tag they get very excited about the prospect of getting a new "higher level" tag.

ATA Tiger Characters

We all know that Kids LOVE cartoons. To help keep students engage in the training, each week we feature a different ATA Tiger character. Students love learning about all the different characters each week. Each week we warm up for class with the favorite game of that week's character. 

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